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Dennis Young

I have returned to the art world after a long hiatus while working in healthcare, which I continue. In the early1970s I had done some plein oil air painting and exhibited in outdoor art fairs. In 2007 I was ready to resume my earlier love interest in art and I challenged myself with taking a community watercolor workshop. Well, that jump started the engine and after surprising myself with a handful of detailed paintings I returned to oil painting and converted an attic into a dedicated studio. While I spend some time painting there, especially the figure or scenes inspired from my travel photos, I gravitate towards plein air. A brief flirtation with a lush Rembrandt pastel set seduced me into extensive pastel paintings predominantly of the live figure and of townscapes. By now I have an extensive collection of scenes around the deeply historic town of Old New Castle, Delaware, with forays into the Eastern Shore towns around the Chesapeake Bay. I am largely self-taught though I have benefited from workshops with fantastic artists such as Scott Prior, Kim English, Nancy Tankersley and Jeremy Lipking. One of the perks of my plein air experience is meeting many wonderful and interesting passersby, and especially interesting people who have ever drawn or painted, but whose busy lives have eclipsed their muse. I love to encourage them to just flirt a little with their medium again and be pleasantly surprised when they are seduced back into their art. One came back a year later and she was so thrilled that she had returned to her art!

Website: Dennis Young Arts