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Emie Andrulewich

I grew up in Nature, aware of its shapes, hues, and textures; experiencing the feel of the sun on my face or a caterpillar traversing my arm, the look and feel of riffling brook water on my toes, the sound of stirring autumn leaves or clapping thunder, and the loamy smell of the earth after a rain. I have deepened my connection to my environment and have honed my craft; expressing myself in several mediums, among them painting and jewelry design. My artistic craft is very personal; its the fusion of my observations, experiences, touch, and feelings with an eye toward organic shapes and colors. In my jewelry designs these elements are expressed through the manipulation of metal, by subjecting it to heat, pounding, twisting, and layering of enamels. This makes each rendering a one-of-a-kind creation. In my paintings the colors, forms, shadowing, even the brush strokes, are unique and are an extension of me, my environment, and my vision.

I hold a degree in art education and have taken a variety of workshops in enameling and metalsmithing and painting. I will continue to learn and strive to master each craft, sharing my artistic journey along the way.

Website: Fire Girl Designs