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Geraldine Czajkowski

In second grade, our teacher played Rachmaninoff and asked us to paint to the music - - to close our eyes and let our emotions guide our tempra paint - - to imagine what the music communicated to us. My interpretation of Rachmaninoff was a splashy, splattered mess of perhaps fish in the sea? My first abstract!

After studying for five years with a local Bethesda artist, I majored in fine art at Ohio University where the student was encouraged to express emotion on canvas. And I say - art should be freeing and have no rules – how else can we express ourselves? . . . So I came to admire the New York School – Rivers, DeKooning, Frankenthaler, Johns, Guston . . .

My textured mixed media paintings today start with the mystery of the unplanned. After applying various textures, I begin the painting process letting the paint guide me instead of my guiding the paint. I’m always looking to be surprised and find I’m quite bored knowing the ending before the beginning has begun. Besides, you never know what will emerge! How exciting is that!

Interpretations of the universe and natural phenomena are ever present in my organic paintings and always an underlying thread. Texture is the vehicle.

Czajkowski is an award-winning National and Regional artist. Her work can be found in collections here and abroad. Czajkowski is an artist contributor to the National Museum for Women in the Art’s art auction and was recently commissioned for two paintings at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland. Upcoming in 2013, she has been awarded a solo exhibition at the Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum in Bethesda – just down the street from where she first studied and later went to high school. Czajkowski maintains a studio in Grasonville on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, “a most inspiring place”.

Website: G C Artworks