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Kerstin Makkar

The artist Kerstin I. Makkar grew up in Germany. Smitten by the exploits of the old masters, something she had opportunity to witness first hand from her travels all over Europe, Ms. Makkar was inspired to capture the vivid imagery of beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks and the day to day objects on canvas from an early age. Using water colors initially she was later encouraged to pursue oil medium by her appreciative instructors.

At the completion of her Masters in Business Administration, she stopped her pursuit of painting and focused on a career in the tourism industry. Ms. Makkar has an insatiable wanderlust and she has enjoyed travelling all over the world to many countries, the memories of which completely imprinted in her mind.

After a hiatus of 15 years, she has started back on the path to fulfil her great desire of immersing herself in a world of colors. She is now working as a full-time artist. To hone her skills she also takes guidance from other artists.

Her work ranges from still life in the classical realist style, to landscapes, and also contemporary oil paintings. Ms. Makkars creations are often inspired by her collection of arts, crafts and memorabilia courtesy her travels. She likes to capture pieces in an uncommon context or surround them with a mystical atmosphere based on the places where they originate from.

Ms. Makkar lives currently in the Washington DC metro area.

Website: Kerstin Makkar