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Marion Lewis
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Marion has been sewing and doing crafts for over 28 years for her personal use and for friends and family members. Her quilting experience started in Wisconsin when she was invited to join a quilting circle and learned from a woman that everyone called grandma.

Her first quilt fit a king size bed and was made for her husband. Since that time she made quilts from the family's jeans and made her first t-shirt quilt to preserve some of the 15 years worth of running. She learned to integrate the use of the computer to her craft and made an heirloom quilt for her mother-in-law that had pictures of her family covering 5 generations. She has since made a companion lap quilt and pillows to match to celebrate the wedding of her in laws.

Marion's talents are not restricted to quilting she also works extensively with artificial flowers and has made complete arrangements for weddings from the bride's bouquet to the decorations for the church and reception hall. Other products that we at Always & Forever Designz, LLC offer are wreaths (all occasions), photo albums, and stuffed animals for the young ones.

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