Learn Decoy Carving in Crisfield with World Champion and Master Carver, Rich Smoker

Learn the enjoyable and expressive hobby of bird carving!

Decoy carving is an art that has a rich history, made famous by the Ward Brothers of Crisfield, MD. Stephen and Lemuel Ward were known for their realistic waterfowl decoys and decorative bird carvings. The art of waterfowl carvings can be found on display at the Ward Museum in Salisbury, MD.

The Crisfield Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce a week of instruction in decoy carving with Award-Winning Carver, Rich Smoker from February 3rd – February 8th. This class will be held at the Crisfield Heritage Foundation, the Tawes Museum in Crisfield, MD.

Students have attended this class from all over the country, with dedicated carvers from as far away as Anchorage, Alaska, to beginners as close as Dorchester County, MD.

Working with World Champion Master Carver, Rich Smoker, you will learn how to create your bird from a block of wood. Smoker’s fun and interactive manner of teaching makes it possible for everyone to stay on task and take home their decoy, completed and ready to brag about.

Along the way during your carving experience, Smoker will talk about the history of decoy carving as well as the Ward Brother history and journey.

Class setup will begin Sunday, February 3rd at 4 in the afternoon, and then every day from 9am to 5pm. wrapping up Friday morning of February 8th.
Tool, paint, lodging and meals are included. For more information, contact Mary Mazzullo, [email protected] or 410-603-9918.

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