Featured Artist: Barbara Donnon

Barbara Donnon is the artist of the month at The Foundry in Denton, MD. Her medium is oil painting. Article contributed by Caroline County Council of Arts

Barbara Donnon

I was born in Philadelphia, Pa., but have lived in Maryland for over 30 years. The beauty of the Eastern Shore inspires me to try and put on canvas that which I see all around me.

I took art as a major in high school. Family, friends and art instructors encouraged my talent. I started oil painting at the YMCA in Philadelphia with a volunteer retired army sergeant who offered instructions and good advice. The cost was free. When I moved to Maryland I found that the Dept. Of Parks and Recreation offered classes with professionals and joined right in. I have taken classes with Joyce Zeigler and Bobby Seager, and I was part of Tuesday evening art classes with Joyce for over 20 years.

I am a house counselor for the Benedictine OCP program and work 4pm to midnight at a Benedictine OCP home – I paint after my clients have gone to bed for the evening and my chores are finished. I love painting animals and people, but do not offer portraits of people. I try and stay with animal portraits or landscapes where I can insert some type of “critter.” I paint people in scenes where they tell a story as part of the painting.

I paint what I enjoy but try new challenges to see how successful I can be. Painting with, and attending local art groups, allow important critiques to help me grow as an artist. I take classes offered locally and I exhibit locally at most venues who offer to show my work, including The Foundry.

I find that no matter how long I try to master the art, there is always something, some event or some person who can teach me something new. It is a continuous learning experience. My easel is always up and my palette is always out, ready to capture the moment.

When I’m not painting, I love to stay in touch with family and friends, go fishing with my husband and take part in activities offered by the local communities.

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