Travel Itineraries

Spend a day away or plan a weekend getaway. We’ve mapped out itineraries to help guide you in your trip planning to explore food, beer, wine and art in our towns from the bay to the beach!

Steamed Crabs

Bay Country Tour

Explore the small towns along the Chesapeake Bay and get a true local experience.

Peach Dumpling at Baked Dessert Cafe

Beyond the Beach

Stray away from the summer beach crowds and explore the small towns that are just a short distance away from the Atlantic. Think of it as a vacation from you vacation and discover locally-made treasures — from food to art.

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Coastal Ways

Our beaches are always popular destinations, but they also offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy local food, art, handmade items and performing arts. So take in the salt air and local culture with these tours through our “coastal ways.”

Oysters in Snow Hill

A River Runs Through It

Visit our quaint riverside small towns for a unique opportunity to enjoy local charm, uncluttered water views and a sense of calm away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A short drive gets you the chance to exhale and inhale the smells of local fresh catches and the salty air of the Chesapeake’s tributaries.

Craft Beer on Delmarva

Delmarva Craft Brewery Tour

If you are beer lover, the Delmarva craft brew scene is where you need to be. Our region is not only the birthplace of the legendary Dogfish Head but home to many celebrated breweries crafting up all kinds of stouts, sours, IPAs and ales out of local ingredients.

People in a gallery

Arts on Delmarva

Discover the arts on Delmarva! Every town hosts events that showcase and celebrate local art and galleries feature rotating exhibitions all year round.

Fresh produce from area farmstands

Delmarva’s Farm Stands and Farmer’s Markets

From land to sea, discover a cornucopia of farm-fresh produce and home-baked goodness on the Delmarva peninsula!

Concert at Sunset Park in Ocean City

Groove to Local Music on Delmarva

Live music abounds bay to beach. The Freeman Stage, historic Milton Theatre, the National Folk Festival and so much more to get your live music fix.